Professional in mold, modeling
and case molds
Fully accurate and durable

AshkanPart at a Glance

AshkanPart Afarin Company Introduction

Mold Making Industry

manufacture all kinds of molds for dishes, sanitary ware and engineering ceramics

Mold design based on the needs of the customer’s product line

The exact archive of the designs, for re-ordering the customer without the slightest change in dimension

Always Available & Responsive

Last Projects

In this section, you can find the latest industrial designs of various molds, news related to the molding industry and ceramics and other educational articles provided by AshkanPart Afarin.

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We perform design and mold design from the beginning to the final Products

Just give us an example or basic pattern of the plan you want and we make it in professional way.


Ton of made Molds
Experience (year)

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AshkanPart is a creative company

with creative products

Six months warranty for Molds

A variety of simple and complex designs

500 to 1000 Times Guarantee for molding

High build accuracy